The Top 10 Funny Moments In Football Match

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Football fans, We have already discussed about best players, teams, stadiums, and FIFA. Here we talk about some funny moments in football. Let’s discuss on funny moments of this incredible intercontinental game. Unbelievable progress has been made in football. Since everyone loves to play and watch their favorite soccer players, the game will soon become universal.

The lovely game has given us loads of outstanding memories at the same time as most of them are good and a few are unhappy. We go through various humorous soccer clips each day be it a savage Ibrahimovic moment or Mourinho’s publish-game conference.

In light of all of the humorous moments allow us to recollect The Top 10 Funny Moments In Football Match. The listing may additionally range for each individual however we have tried to hold it as accurate as we could.

Funny Moments In Football Match :

1) Chris Brass’s Goal

Funny Moments In Football Match

These are expected funny moments in a football match. Christopher Paul Brass was born on 24 July 1975. He is a former English professional football player. He is also one of the good football team managers who work in a senior recruitment position across the Academy and First Team at Premier League club Nottingham Forest.

In all likelihood the funniest own aim ever. Without a doubt the funniest I’ve ever visible. In a try to clean the ball over his very own head, Chris brass smashed it into his face, and the ball ended up on the internet.

To feature insult to harm, or injury to insult, brass broke his very own nose on this freak coincidence. That just makes it all the funny soccer moments and funny football match

2) Don’t Slip Players

Don’t Slip Player in football

Imagine someone who tells all and sundry no longer to do something and does the identical component himself. Properly, in this case, it turned into rather unintentional than intentional.

“So some weeks before he does this large speech where he tells the men to now not permit it to slip – and then he slips to lose them the identify”. Gerrard after the man city win said this to his group and it changed into recorded on camera.

The huge reality about this fixture is that it changed into first vs 2nd. The final results did now not directly value Liverpool the league identity however it did affect their title race on a completely critical stage.

3) Referee Falls Over

Referee falls over

It’s far more common to hear that referees become refs because they love football; however, they’re terrible at it. Well, this goes a long way toward proving that concept. We all love seeing referees fall over, but this might be the most pleasant of all of them.

He attempts a bit back-heel to present the ball back, but by some means manages to tumble over, landing instantly on his embarrassed face. This makes it most funny football

4) Michy Batshuayi Epic Celebration

Michy batshuayi epic celebration

We do realize the fee a rustic has in the heart of any player. In the 2018 International Cup organization stage match, Belgium scored against a far stronger England and became the most important player for them in that match. One of the funny soccer moments

Each Belgian player and the fan started out celebrating but Batshuayi went beforehand to first shoot himself in the face with soccer to understand that he was not dreaming.

It appeared just like the player got excited and became kicking the ball within the internet as an alternative it hit the aim-publish and in his face. A mythical world cup moment for Michi Batshuayi.

5) The Medic’s Unexpected Slip

The Medic's unexpected Slip in ground

Name me old fashioned, but I idea that when the primary aiders came on it became to assist the participant who became ‘injured’.

But, this medic appears to have been given bored stiff with all of the diving in football these days and launched a ruthless two-footed address on the player down injured! good enough. So perhaps it become just a harmless slip, but it was still humorous to watch and if that participant became faking damage. It must have been karma. If all medics have been like that, perhaps we would not get a lot of diving!

6) Run-Adebayor-Run


Scoring in any sport is terrific however scoring in opposition to your former crew is special. Most gamers don’t react to anything as they recognize the emotional cost the lovers maintain for them. Adebayor isn’t always the maximum gamer and he did the opposite.

Emmanuel Adebayor scored in opposition to his former group arsenal and ran the total duration of the pitch just to celebrate against the lovers of his former club. Honestly a formidable circulate through him because the crowd changed into going livid by way of this gesture from the participant.

7) Didier Drogba V Jens Lehman

Didier Drogba v Jens Lehman

To be truthful to Drogba I’m positive he stepped on an especially slippery piece of grass simply as Jens Lehmann viciously drove him, and I am sure Drogba in turn just stuck Lehmann off stability.

I simply, completely grown expert athletes wouldn’t cross down that without difficulty, might they? properly, yes they could, they did and, while being hilarious to watch, it also indicates all that is wrong with top-rated league soccer these days.

Unfortunately for these, however, tom Daley simply pipped them to the final qualifying spot for Beijing.

8) Choupo Moting Saves PSG Goal

Choupo Moting Saves PSG goal

Yes, you examine that right. One of the worse moments for any striker is to forestall their team’s intention, and coupon moving tops all of it. It became an excellent shot from a decent attitude too however it seems like the mind of coupon moving miscalculated and he did the defender’s activity.

9) David Dunn Gets His Feet In A Tangle

David Dunn

It is a derby in shape between Birmingham and Aston Villa, and David Dunn plans to wow the group with a chunk of masterful trickery. But it did not move according to plan.

Yes, David Dunn now not only ignored the ball but kicked his standing leg, inflicting him to fall over in the front of lots, giving the ball to Aston Villa in this manner. Nevertheless, he had an excellent snort approximately it afterward!

10) Mascot Trolls Liverpool’s Captain

Mascot-Trolls Liverpool's Captain

Imagine being in the tunnel with two great captains John Terry and Steven Gerrard before a match. This young Chelsea fan was the mascot of John Terry and he was a big fan of this club. As soon as the player enter the tunnel he said Gerrard in front of Steven Gerrard and then he noticed this young boy.

The boy gestured to shake hands with him but ends up trolling the player. So I hope you enjoyed looking at the lighter side of the football. If you have any that I missed out on, feel free to say them!

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What is the origin of the name football?
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