Top 10 Best Corner Kicks of All Time

Best Corner Kicks of All Time

Check out this list of the top 10 best corner kicks of all time. Relive some of football’s most iconic moments and take inspiration from the best corner kickers.

A corner kick is a technique of restarting play in the sport of association soccer when the ball is going out of play over the purpose line, without the intention being scored and having closing been touched by using a member of the protecting crew. The kick is taken from the nook of the field of play nearest to the place in which the ball crossed the aim line.

Corner Kick Goals are considered to be a reasonable intention-scoring possibility for the attacking side, even though they are no longer as awful a lot as a penalty kick or an instantaneous loose kick close to the fringe of the penalty region.

A corner kick that scores without being touched by any other player is called an Olympic aim or less generally, an Olympic purpose.

Here We Discuss Some Best Corner Kicks in Football Matches:

1) Toni Kroos’s Best Corner Kick (Real Madrid)

Toni Kroos's best corner kick

One of the best corner Kicks. The trendy corner kick purpose to had been witnessed came these days from Toni Kross, playing for actual Madrid in opposition to Valencia inside the semi-very last of the Supercopa de Espana. The German took subjects into his arms while he observed the goalkeeper ahead from his aim line, arguing with the referee and curling the ball inside the lower back of the net with immaculate method and accuracy.

2) Artim Sakiri’s Corner Kick Goal (Macedonia)

Artim Sakiri's top corner kick

Artim Sakiri makes it the best corner kick in soccer. This swerving nook-kick aim from Macedonia’s Artim Sakiri back in 2002 in opposition to England in the UEFA euro 2004 qualifiers has to have been one of the maximum memorable dreams the midfielder scored in his career. The accuracy of the ball enabled it to break out the keeper and a player covering the far submission, leading his teammates into wild celebrations.

3)  Alvaro Recoba’s Successful Corner Kick (Nacional)

Alvaro Recoba's successful corner kick

The legendary Uruguayan playmaker, Alvaro Recoba, had a habit of scoring from nook kick conditions and was deadly from unfastened kicks as well. The midfielder has scored a few sensational dreams immediately from a corner kick and this strike against Liverpool later in his career, is up there with one of the greats. This is Alvaro Recoba’s best corner kick in football.

4) Thierry Henry’s Best Corner Kick (New York Red Bulls)

Thierry Henry's best corner kick

Thierry henry has scored some breathtaking desires in his long illustrious career for clubs like Arsenal and FC Barcelona. But, one of his exceptional moves got here at a later stage in his profession whilst the forward changed into plying his change inside the MLS for the big apple red bulls.

In a fixture in opposition to the Columbus team lowers back in 2012, the Frenchman saw the opposition goalkeeper in an advanced role from his line and decided to go for a goal from an instantaneous corner.

5) Michael Bradley’s Amazing Corner Kick (Toronto)

Michael Bradley's amazing corner kick

Michael Bradley has been a veteran of the united states and took topics into his very own palms returned in 2015 against Panama. His curling corner kick opened the scoring for his team, beating the keeper as the ball flew into the top nook leaving the fanatics amazed.

6) Cristiano Ronaldo’s unbelievable corner kick (Manchester UT)

Cristiano Ronaldo's unbelievable corner kick

One of the most tremendous weapons at the Real Madrid man’s disposal is his capacity with a dead ball from anywhere within 30 yards of the goal. “It changed into the most satisfactory unfastened kick I have ever visible,” said sir Alex Ferguson, his former supervisor at Manchester united, of 1 effort in opposition to Portsmouth.

And it is that deceptive motion, aligned with the stunning pace that Ronaldo’s approach generates, Which makes him one of the maximum dangerous loose-kick takers currently energetic.

7) Juninho Pernambucano’s Best Corner Kick (Co-Ordinator Brazilian National Team)

 Juninho Pernambucano's best corner kick

Say Juninho Pernambuco’s call, and the primary response is possible to be, “notable free kicks.” He was the greatest and most flexible free-kick taker there has ever been. As he got older, via his early years at Vasco de Gama and his eight-12 months stint at Lyon, Juninho advanced his knuckleball method, something which the likes of Didier Drogba and David Luiz, to call just two, have tried to replicate.

However, none has come anywhere near the Brazilian’s stage of mastery. His remarkable Ability to create the ball fly through the air, veering in some of the special guidelines earlier than locating the net, pretty honestly is great. Such changed into his quality with a lifeless ball, Juninho netted 44 of his one hundred goals for Lyon from loose kicks and has notched many, many greater in the course of his profession.

8) Zico’s top-corner kick (Perak)

Zico's top-corner kick

Zico is a Brazilian football educator and a previous player who played as an attacking midfielder. As soon as time, the gifted Brazilian Zico changed into the benchmark for set portions, the person who set the usual and confirmed simply how critical they could be to a fast-evolving game in the Seventies and ’80s.

A high-quality striker of the ball, Zico matched extraordinary technique with adorable management and site, which so often left the ball beyond the attain of opposing goalkeepers. Near the penalty location, the Brazilian would embark on a mere -step run-up, but he may want to still generate as a lot or as little power as he felt the state of affairs wished.

Perhaps the primary to-turn set-piece taking into an art form, he netted more than 500 goals throughout his career, Along with 48 for the Selecta. Of those, there were lots of dead balls to marvel at.

9) Michel Platini’s Top-Corner Kick ( Nancy)

Michel Platini's top-corner kick

The French playmaker turned into arguably the best EU footballer of the Nineteen Eighties, a true legend of the game and a first-rate footballer who scored excellent desires and scored them often. A large part of Platini’s recreation becomes his sensational capability from set pieces in and around the box.

And it wasn’t sensational in terms of his ability to hearth extravagant 35-yarders into the back of the internet every so often. Rather, it turned into sensational in the incredible consistency and execution that the Three-time ballon d’Or winner portrayed again and again.

With amazing delicacy and curves, the ball might arc up and over the wall and into the return of the net beyond the goalkeeper. It turned into so simplistic, yet so lethal.

10) Ronald Koeman’s Amazing Corner Kick (Barcelona)

Ronald Koeman's amazing corner kick

Ronald Koeman was a marvelous footballer, part of Barcelona’s so-referred to as dream group in the ’90s, a -time dutch footballer of the 12 months, and part of PSV Eindhoven’s European cup-winning side in 1988. For the duration of his profession, he married protective abilities with an incredible approach on the ball, significant each in his variety of passing and his lifeless-ball prowess.

It turned into Koeman’s unfastened kick in 1992 at Wembley that surpassed Barcelona in their first EU cup towards Sampdoria. he notched more than 200 goals at some point in his profession. A lot of the ones came from dead-ball situations, be they consequences or unfastened kicks, way to exquisite guile and precision that he displayed time and again.

Down the years, there had been various groups, both at the club and international ranges, that felt the whole force of Koeman’s excellence.

Thank you for reading everybody. what do you men count on? were there a few desires that need to be on this listing and some that must now not be? there are numerous exceptional nook kicks all time, go away with your reviews and mind what you trust you studied the list should have regarded desired.

People Also Ask

What is the term for a goal from a corner kick?
An Olympic goal, also known as an “Olimpico,” is one that is scored directly from a corner kick without the assistance of another player.

What is the football corner kick rule?
Corner kicks are used to restart play. A corner kick is awarded when the entire ball crosses the goal line, either on the ground or in the air, having last touched a defender, and no goal is scored in accordance with Law 10.

How many corners kicks result in goals?
The number of corner kicks that resulted in a goal is estimated to be 16, so the percentage is (16/358)100 = 4.5% of goals scored in corner kicks. And since there are 171 total goals, the percentage of goals scored by corner kicks to total goals is (16/171)100= 9.4%.

What are the three kinds of kicks?
Leading Kick (Side Kick) Kick from behind (Turning Kick) Kick with a hook.

Are corner kicks considered goals?
A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick, but only against the opposing team; if the ball enters the kicker’s goal, the opponents are awarded a corner kick.

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