Phoenix Suns VS New Orleans Pelicans game 4 – NBA Playoffs report

Chris Paul and Larry Nance Jr Suns vs new Orleans Pelicans game 4

Phoenix Suns VS New Orleans Pelicans game 4 Report | Shahzada TV | Sports News | Pelicans who started their regular NBA season 2021-22 with 1-12 have previously booked their number 8 seed dramatically. They are now facing the Phoenix Suns, who stood top of the western conferencing, in round one of the NBA playoffs.

New Orleans Pelicans defeated Phoenix Suns 118-103 in Game 4 and tied the round 1 of playoffs with 2-2 at New Orleans on Sunday night (US time).

Phoenix Suns pulled score 89-84 in the fourth quarter in the absence of Booker. But they didn’t sustain the lead for long. In the fourth-quarter New Orleans went for a big run to earn a tremendous victory against the leading headers of the conference.

Thanks to some consistent performances from Brandon Ingram who contributed 30 points in the victory. While Jonas Valanciunas added 26 points and 15 rebounds and CJ McCollum added 18 points in the victory.

The Phoenix Suns were led by Deandre Ayton’s 23 points and 8 rebounds. And off-the-bench JaVale McGee who played only 13 minutes and contributed second highest points in the Suns roaster with 14 points, 4 rebounds, and a single assist.

One of the major differences in the game was created by the number of fouls from the players of both teams. The Suns were called for 28 fouls in the game, whereas, Pelicans were called for 16 fouls.

Furthermore, Pelicans went 32-42 from the free-throw line. At the same time, Phoenix Suns went 10-for-15. Both teams shot 85 times from the field and Suns made 43 while Pelicans managed to put 40 on target.

It is after a long period of time that the New Orleans Pelicans have made it to the finals of NBA. Last time, the team made it to the finals in 2017-18 season of the NBA. This season, Pelicans have played without Zion Williamson, the big guy, who is off due to a foot injury. No one believed they will make thorough this as they started their season with 1-12 and then 2-16. Their rookie Trey Murphy almost lost believing in the victory of the Pelicans.

Pelicans, not only made their way to the playoffs, but they have also shown some glimpses that they can even beat Suns and can possibly make their way to even a second round of the playoffs. If this happens, this will be mind-blowing for many analysts and NBA experts out there.

Internet users on Twitter have also started believing that Suns are in big trouble against Pelicans. Game 5 will surely tell a different story, till that stay tuned and keep reading Shahzada TV sports analysis and highlights.

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