Does Sridharan Sriram eye Asia cup 2022 in the lap of BCB?

Sridharan Sriram bangladesh new coach coaching Adam Zampa

Shahzada TV | Sports Desk | Sridharan Sriram is a seasoned coach and technical consultant with Years of experience in coaching. Having worked with Australia and RCB has made him special in the eyes of BCB as he is going to assist the team throughout Asia Cup 2022.

Sridharan has been entrusted with the task of performing functions as a technical consultant of the team. His tenure will last till the T20 World Cup 2022.

Before this, Sriram worked with the Australian team for 6 years. He has served on the coaching staff of Royal Challengers Bangalore. On Sunday, he will be in Dhaka to assume his charge.

Sridharan Sriram and the new role

Sriram is very confident about 25 years of cricket experience and 9 years in coaching. He seemed to be very keen to utilize his experience for the progress of Bangladesh in cricket because He believes the Bengali team has huge potential. The only problem is that it is untapped. His experience with the team will give him a plethora of opportunities to sharpen the level of Tigers in cricket.

Nazmul Hassan is very happy with the appointment of Sriram as he has worked in IPL and has experience serving in Australia. Since the World Cup is going to take place in Australia, his experience, Nazmul believes, is going to be very productive for the team.

BCB chairman, Nazmul, also confirmed that Jamie Siddons might be shifted from his current role to another role of development. Jamie is also not reluctant to have the role of the developer but he doesn’t have enough time to execute his role as he is quite busy travelling with the team. As a result, he does not get sufficient time to work on development.

He further claimed that due to some unpredictable plans Jamie’s leading the team in Asia Cup is dubious. He will definitely Polit the team in the T20 World Cup but his participation in Asia Cup is uncertain.

If Jamie is able to come with us, he will be deprived of the time to give his developmental plans. However, if he does not come, we will have to play the World Cup without a batting coach. Keeping all these facts in view, Bangladesh is also looking forward to bifurcating coaching responsibilities between Domingo and Sriram and the first might not be able to participate in Asia Cup.

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