Racism in cricket: Scotland at the edge of dispensible

Even cricket is not exempted from racism, let alone politics

Shahzada TV | News Desk | The Cricket Board of Scotland is home to intolerable racism and a new cricket board is expected to be made by the end of 2023.

A review found that the management and leadership approaches of the Scotland cricket board are racist. The reviewing agency also delineated certain instructions released by Scotland’s national agency for sports to follow.

Plan4Sport, a multidisciplinary sports organization, conducted an investigation where it found that 29 indicators out of 32 prove that Cricket Scotland is the hub of racism.

In the last quarter of 2021, Majid Haq, Qasim Shaikh, and some other members accused the board of having racist tendencies. The concerned persons raised their voices in the form of #callout to curb the intensity of racism. Following the allegation process, the review started an investigation.

It came out with 448 empirical examples of involvement in racism.

Having predicted the results that are published in a report “Changing the Boundaries”, the entire Scottish board resigned. The evidence was named a “wake-up call for Scottish sport”.

The report also found tacit support from the board for the individuals who indulged in and promoted racism. Moreover, the board was also proven guilty of adapting ineffective approaches .e.g not diverse hierarchy and not ensuring transparency in selection to deal with the tide of racism.

Expressing his displeasure, the director of Plan4Sport Louise Tides well said, “The reality is that the leadership of the organization failed to see the problems and, in failing to do so, enabled a culture of racially aggravated micro-aggressions to develop,”

Now, What is the solution?

The current Scotland board will be operative until Oct 2023. Hence, the formation of the new Cricket board is an immediate need and the new board must consist of 40% male 40% female with 20-25% reserved for ethnic minorities.

Interim Chief Executive Officer of Scotland’s cricket board, Gordon Arthur said, “The racism and discrimination that has taken place in the sport that we all love should never have been allowed to happen, or to go unchallenged for so long,” said Gordon Arthur, Cricket Scotland’s Interim Chief Executive Officer.


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