Lionel Andres Messi – An extraterrestrial on earth

Lionel Andres Messi

Lionel Andres Messi is also known as Leo Messi is an Argentine football player born on 24th of June 1987. He was born and raised in Rosario. At a very young age, he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency syndrome.

At a very young age, he travelled to Barcelona where he had an opportunity to give a football trial. And the coach was amazed to see the little guy so young performing so well and having great football skills. Soon they just didn’t offer him a contract but also decided to pay for his treatment Barcelona.

At that time, Barcelona was the only one who had faith in him and Lionel Messi did not disappoint them. Soon after, he became the youngest player ever to score a league goal. And he continued breaking records after records scoring goals and helping his team win titles. Messi did this starting by achieving big dreams all at a very young age.

Lionel Andres Messi’s achievements

He won 4 Ballondors and 3 UCL titles in his early 20s which was quite astonishing. And now at the age of 34, he has won 7 Ballondors most by any player, 6 golden shoes, 4 UEFA champions league titles, 11 league titles, numerous domestic cups, and helped his national team win Copa America an international trophy for his national team after 28 years of trophyless distress.

Messi has already represented in 4 world cups played a world cup final in 2014 in Brazil winning player of the tournament but ended as a runner he did all he could for his team but it just was not meant to be. After that, he kept doing wonders for his club and is now an all-time top goal scorer for his team Barcelona and Argentina.

He has scored the most goals and is now the top scorer in South America. In international football, he is considered one of the greatest Argentines after the Late Diego Maradona having scored more than 760 career goals and 329 assists most by any player in the history of the game, and with his magical left foot and amazing dribbling skills, he truly is an extra-terrestrial.

Now he is playing for the French club PSG he continues to break records and dreams of winning a world cup title for his national team in the ending days of his career he is considered by many as one of the greatest players of all time.

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