Kristof Milak smashes world record in men’s 200m butterfly at SWC

Kristof Milak smashes world record in men’s 200m butterfly at the swimming world championship

Kristof Milak of Hungary has broken his own 200m butterfly world record as he maintained his world title in his own country in Duna Arena in Budapest the capital of Hungary in front of his home crowd.

Kristof Milak previously set the record in July in the year of 2019 and even this time in 2022 he did not seem to be stopping at all as he once again like always was ahead of schedule as compared to his rivals whom he had left behind chasing.

This time the time he took to break the world record was one minute and 50.34 seconds lowering the world mark by 0.39 seconds.

Kristof Milak’s motivation

Well, Kristof Milak was not shy to share how happy he was and how thankful for the native people he was after he claimed the victory and he shared his words saying “I have four thousand people to watch me here, which he meant his native fans and he further added that he could not let them down.

And he has done it again, the crazy crowd who was pumped up cheering for their own Kristof Milak, does not disappoint the fans who were chanting his name.

The rivals he had were James Guy of Britain who seemed to be only behind him early on but ran out of steam as Leon Marchand of France came second ahead of James, Tomoru Honda who was representing his nation Japan, took the third spot as he was just three seconds off Kristof Milak.

As the 22-year-old Olympic champion said he could not let his people down and he proved to do so. As he was successful to break his own 200m butterfly world record.

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