Why did this kiwi player got slapped in IPL

Ross Taylor weeping

Shahzada TV | Sports Desk | Ross Taylor, A veteran Kiwi player, has revealed in his autobiography that he was slapped by one of the team owners of RR in the IPL season 2011 because of being out on 0 against KXIP. The former captain made this revelation in his autobiography Ross Taylor: Black and White. Though the slaps were not hard and hit him in a jolly manner, yet, Taylor believes, it wasn’t totally because of fun.

Details of the match

The incident occurred after the match between Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings at the ground of Mohali, Punjab. Punjab team set the target of 195 for Royals and in response, RR failed badly Taylor couldn’t make any single score. As a result, RR lost the match. After the match, team members assembled at a place where the sponsor of the team said to Taylor, “Taylor we didn’t pay 1 million dollars for getting a duck” and slapped him 3 to 4 times.

During that season, Taylor was paid 1 million USD for playing for RR.

Kiwi player’s Reaction

Taylor, the kiwi player, didn’t take any serious notice of the slaps as the owner didn’t hit him hard. However, such an incident must not have taken place as it was against the ethics and nature of sports.

Taylor went on convicting that the performance was against the expectations of the team. And it is common for a team to expect much from you when they pay you a hefty amount. If a highly-paid player fails to perform in a few matches, he comes under the radar. Moreover, joining any new team is not always welcoming as it was 1st season for him in RR and previously he was playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore.


Ross Taylor in his autobiography revealed that the owner of Rajasthan Royals slapped him for having a duck. He claimed the slaps were not tight but it was against the nature and rules of sports.

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