Kamal Singh Nayal inspired by Yuvraj to bring cancer to the knees

Kamal Singh Nayal Indian cricket player

Shahzada TV | Sports Desk | Kamal Singh Nayal is 21 years old left-handed batter from a small village in Uttarakhand. He falls in the category of one of the most noticeable batsmen in his town. Kamal started his first-class cricket career back in 2020 against Maharashtra by hitting a ton in his very debut. After that, Ending up as the leading scorer in Vijay Hazare Trophy held in 2020-21 also increased his fame immensely. Kamal also played decisive innings in Ranji Trophy which paved way for this team’s entrance into the quarterfinals.

This tremendous performance would have been a mere dream by Kamal if he had lost hope after being engulfed by the lethal disease of cancer.

The pathetic journey of cancer for the ambitious Kama began at the end of 2014 when visiting the doctor due to fever and body weakness became a daily routine for the juvenile.

How did it start?

Having detected a decrease in platelets in Kamal’s body, the Doctor suggested he visit an expert medical facility that was far away from his village. On his visit to the said place, he came to know that he was suffering from the 2nd stage of blood cancer. This was the turning point in his life of Kamal Singh. Instead of sticking to the traditional approach of sacrifices in the face of cancer, he determined to fight against it and turn his dream of being a cricketer into reality. He said, “I beat cancer because I wanted to play cricket”. Such Spirit of Kamal helped him to take cancer lightly and have a ray of hope.

He further asserted that teenager is a point in our life when we are more optimistic than pessimistic. This attitude help me to focus on my game as much as I could because I had the firm belief that cancer is not going to snatch my career from me no matter what happens.

Financial hindrances for Kamal Singh Nayal

It was also very difficult for their family of Kamal Singh Nayal to meet the expenses of treatment. Since the father of Kamal was a retired Soldier from the Indian Army, they were facing a very tough time in fulfilling the financial requirements of the treatment.

The family of Kamal was very anxious about him and they kept his problem a mystery to him. For almost six months, Kamal was unknown to the fact that he was suffering from one of the deadliest diseases on the earth. Eventually, this proved to be a plus point for Kamal and his family. By the time he knew that cancer had plunged him, he was familiar with the routine and treatment. However, the period of six months Dec 2020 – June 2021 coasted him his cricket and studies.

Yuvraj Singh is a role model for him

Although he, individually, was inspired by Gautam Gambhir, India’s former left-hand batsman, Yuvraj Singh played a pivotal role in keeping him inspired. Everyone who came across him and his passion to play cricket reminded him of how Yuvraj Singh battled cancer and reappeared on the screen as a great batsman.


Kamal as an emerging player has faced a lot of troubles given to him by destiny and is hopeful to set the pitch on fire with his wow batting skills.

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