Hassan Ali got a big challenge to face – Read a comprehensive report

Is Hassan Ali valuable for Pakistan anymore?

Shahzada TV | Sports Desk | Hassan Ali with his attractive efforts very soon made a place in all forms of the National team. However, he is unable to perform in the game satisfactorily which has jeopardized his existence in cricket.

Poor performance of Hassan Ali

Over the past year, Hassan Ali’s performance has been worse than ever. His negligence has also led Pakistan to Various defeats including in the T20 World Cup. He remained one of the players who pushed Pakistan out of the tournament. During the initial matches, his performance remained qualitatively poor. In Semi-Final, he also went a step ahead to take his team towards loss by yielding 44 runs without taking a single wicket in 4 overs.

Hassan Ali’s performance in Tests

Apart from T20, Hassan Ali’s bowling has also become deplorable in test format. Though he was good at tests, over a brief period of time, he has not spent good days also in tests. Firstly, he made Pakistan lose, in the World test championship, against West Indies, a team with less expertise in tests than Pakistan. Secondly, he, with an average of 96 runs, contributed to Pakistan’s loss of Pakistan against Australia in the test series. Moreover, in recent series against Sri Lanka, he gave 103 runs but didn’t take any single wicket in two innings

Such kind of unacceptable output has triggered PCB management to reconsider appointing him in the future. It is high time to replace the player who proves to be a benefactor of the opponent instead of his own team. There are a lot of pure gems who are wanting the opportunity to do something for Pakistan. Keeping the arrival of upcoming events in view, it is highly necessary to appoint the players wisely. Otherwise, dropping a catch can oust us from the tournaments.


Hassan Ali entered the team as a good right-arm fast bowler and did much good for the team. However, his current performance has been abject, and incurred many losses to Pakistan. Hence, it is very crucial that the management should not hesitate to find a suitable replacement for him.

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