Does the future of cricket is at the stake?

Is the future of cricket at stake?

Shahzada TV | Sports Desk | Cricket games’ duration is getting shorter with fast speed which is leading them towards extinction. Frequent changes in the game have gratified fans but distracted cricketers by giving a few perks.

The nature of the cricket game has undergone various changes. However, there is yet no concrete idea where cricket is heading towards. For example, cricket games gained popularity in the initial days with 60 over format during the 60s and 70s but, later on, it was reduced to 50 overs to reduce the boredom caused by the game. With that idea of keeping it more and more brief and entertaining, currently, the T20 format is treated as the most beloved. Whereas, test format due to its unnecessary longevity is rarely eulogized by the players.

The reason behind frustration with length formats

Recently, English cricketer and Captain Ben Stokes retired from the 50-over format, citing that he could not face all 3 formats. Though his retirement was not sudden a matter of great concern as it was premature. Current generation players immediately get fed up with these formats unlike their predecessors because the former has a lot of other cricket in the form of IPL, BBL, BPL, PSL, and other events that not only entertain them but also inundate them with money.

Need of collective collaboration

Hence, these are the tiny facts that make the future of cricket blur. A clear-cut strategy is in dire need of the time to finalize the formats of cricket. After that, promotion of that format is also a must for progress. The caravan for making the game successful should also be joined by women cricketers. Introducing a players association at the international level with Indian representation will be much help regarding this.

Result of frequent changes in formats

It is also very crucial to revisit the history of cricket before taking any decision so that it may not result in any inconvenience. Firstly, test cricket was replaced with limited-overs games to curb boredom. Then, T20 took the place of 50-over matches when it started being considered unenthusiastic like a test match. The question that frequently arises is in mind what is next to do when fans become irritated with the T20 format. And the answer is T10 Leagues.

T10 leagues and the future of cricket

T10 leagues have become common and are getting high-demanded among fans nowadays. Sadly, the format in pursuit of entertainment is killing the pureness and professionalism in cricket. Even T20 is also culpable for the same disaster. Both formats snatch the chances from batters to stay at the pitch for a long time.

It is an irrefutable fact that T20 is a rich format to provide sound income to a player, spares time for a player to spend with family, and polish his skills. Despite all these perks, young players are obligated to take decisions with retrospection. Otherwise, the terrific destiny of extinction is impatiently awaiting cricket.


It is certain that with these quick changes the future of cricket is bleak. Hence, all the stakeholders including players, administration, and others need to design a plan that both promotes cricket and benefits cricketers in all ways.

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