More than one million tickets sold already for FIFA World Cup 2022

More than a million tickets sold already for FIFA World Cup 2022

Football fans around the world always go crazy whenever there is a world cup to be played in the year. This year 2022 is also a FIFA World Cup year which is to be played in beautiful stadiums in Qatar starting from November 2022. It is still June now but the fans are already dreaming of being a part of the world cup in Qatar.

All the qualification rounds for the world cup have concluded and 32 teams have secured their places for the upcoming world cup. The 32-team tournament will be played in eight beautiful stadiums in Qatar.

It is clear that FIFA is doing everything possible to make sure that this will be the most successful World Cup yet. The organization is confident that the fans will be able to enjoy a great tournament. We can only wait to see how this event will be glorious. It will be a great exciting tournament for everyone involved.

Record-breaking demand for FIFA World Cup

Hassan Al-Thawadi the chief organizer told Qatar Economic Forum that there have been record-breaking demand for the first Middle East FIFA World Cup which will take place in November-December.

As organizers of the FIFA World Cup have claimed that more than 1.2 million tickets have been sold already for Qatar’s FIFA World Cup. It is said that a total of 2 million tickets will be available during the almost a month-long tournament in Qatar. Which will be played from November until the month of December which will be like 28 days long.

The tickets are being sold in phases. The earliest phase of the ticket selling took place and closed at the end of April. FIFA has claimed that the ticket request with as huge as 23.5 million requests came from countries like South America, Brazil, and Argentina. From Europe, it was England along with France. Other countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mexico, and the United States etc. These were some of the biggest countries from where the ticket requests came in sizeable numbers.

As said earlier, the tickets are being sold in phases. The next phase’s date is still not announced. But it is said that the next phase will be based on first-come, first-served. Qatar aims to attract 1.2 million visitors during the FIFA World Cup.

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