The Downfall of Pakistan Hockey

The Downfall of Pakistan Hockey

Ever since the independence of Pakistan, the Hockey team of Pakistan has always been a side every team in the world feared to face. Which we can not say was wrong as they were a force to reckon with, a tough team to battle with a team winning all major events as champions. Hockey since that time has been the national game of Pakistan which is rightfully so.

Even the hockey players at that time used to be on the posters, interviews and everyone used to talk about the game and the national players. However, it’s not the same as it used to be at least for the last two decades things have changed.

Pakistan Hockey has ruled that the international level for many years. They have won 4 world cups, and 3 champions’ trophies and have been Asian Champions 8 times. This is not the end Pakistan Hockey managed to win 3 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals, and 2 Bronze in Olympics in the past.

The Downfall

Despite having won all these accolades Pakistan Hockey in recent times has failed miserably and is now ranked 18th in the world. Green shirts failed to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and had failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup earlier. Now the big shock for the Pakistan Hockey arrives as green shirts are out from the World Cup 2023 race as well. It is nothing less than terrible news for the fans.

Pakistan Hockey out of the World Cup 2023 Race

Pakistan after drawing against India 2-2 managed a humongous win against Indonesia 13-0. But in the next match vs Japan they, were trailing 2-0 managed to score 2 and then Japan scored another turning it in 3-2 and then Pakistan after putting in their efforts managed to equalize the score-line was 3-3. A draw would have meant chances to play in the World cup still on, what’s even more terrible is the way they have got out of the race Pakistan Hockey mistakenly had 12 players on the pitch which ended as a goal reduction losing the match and even losing the dream of playing at the 2023 World Cup.

A draw was good but this is where Pakistan made a blunder they were having 12 players on the field during the changes the 12th Pak player was still on the pitch and when the referee noticed it the goal was canceled and the match ended as 3-2 in favor of Japan. Which ended the dream of Pakistan Hockey of playing in the world cup 2023. Pakistan hockey has no one else to blame but themselves they are victims of their own miscalculations for such a terrible blunder when a place at the world cup is at stake.

Who is to be blamed?

It was a nightmare for Pakistan Hockey fans to see their team failing with such silly blunders. Who is to be blamed for the present dismal state of the team? Some experts have said The downfall of Pakistan Hockey started as early as the 1980s when (FIH) International Hockey Federation introduced changes to end the dominance of the Asian powerhouses Pakistan and India by bringing in Astroturf, the synthetic pitches and Asian teams have never been familiar to such pitches and they demand more physical fitness and standards that are not yet available for Pakistani players. But other teams have copped with the changes why Pakistan has failed miserably in doing so.

Hockey in Pakistan in recent times is not glamorized as Cricket. One of the reasons why fans are turning more to Cricket and fewer people now know about Hockey starts in Pakistan. Sponsors are also running towards cricket more than hockey. Which is not a motivating sign for the players or for the development of the national game. Radical changes are to be made if the management is hoping to bring back the old golden days of Pakistan Hockey which will not come overnight it will take time for the revival.

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