Cricket West Indies and CPL launch new 60-ball tournament The 6ixty

Cricket West Indies and CPL launch new sixty-ball tournament The 6ixty

People might say this is not the first they see a 60-ball cricket tournament because they have seen a similar kind of cricket format in the United Arab Emirates in 2017 but that had been sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC), European Cricket Network offers many competitions like this for a European club or the national sides, what special about the West Indies bringing it now? West Indies is a full member of ICC and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

What is new in 60-ball tournament

Well, this could simply be termed as an attempt to bring another short-form but exciting cricket, and this time it’s ICC’s full member team West Indies announcing a 60-ball tournament. It is named 6ixty, it kicks off in August, from the 24th of August in St. Kitts and Nevis, and will be just before the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). It will have six men’s teams and three women’s teams who are going to battle each other in a new 60-ball tournament. The organizers of the competition have said that the 6ixty will feature the best cricketers from around the world.

THE 6ixty is a joint venture between the CWI and the CPL, with support from the International Cricket Council (ICC). The tournament will be a pathway for talented players from both leagues to develop their skills and compete against each other on a consistent Skerrett.

There are changes in rules in the new 6ixty tournament. As the batting teams will only have 6 wickets instead of 10 wickets as in the normal cricket format. The main power play will be of only 2 overs. Batting side could get the benefit of unlocking a floating third-over of power play if they can hit two sixes in the early two overs. Fans will be able to vote for an interesting mysterious free-hit that will save the batsmen from getting out.

Some other interesting things are 30 balls will be thrown from one end and 30 from the other. A fielder will be reduced if the bowling side fails to finish ten overs in 45 minutes.


Statement by CEO and President of CWI and CPL about.

Cricket West Indies and CPL launch new 60-ball tournament, named The 6ixty

The President of Cricket West Indies, said: “THE 6IXTY has come about because of a close collaboration between CPL and CWI which is the way forward. I am really excited about the innovation, excitement, and entertainment that it is going to bring to the fans.” 

Further, the CEO of CPL, Pete Russell added “This is a hugely exciting moment for both CPL and Cricket West Indies as we create a tournament that will see cricket fans brought closer to the game. There will be world-class men’s and women’s cricketers taking part in a fantastic event for the Caribbean and this combined with cutting-edge innovations, signals a great moment for all fans of West Indian cricket.”

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