Chandrakant Pandit’s appointment might boast priority to domestic coaches

Chandrakant Pandit interviewing after signing KKR

Shahzada TV | Sports Desk | Kolkata’s hiring Chandrakant Pandit is going to give impetus to IPL teams to prefer native coaches as foreign coaches are no more productive for the team.

The entrance of Chandrakant Pandit in IPL who will perform his tasks as head coach of Kolkata Knight Riders might mould the opinion of team owners in IPL. Though a number of other Indian senior players e.g Nehra and Kumble have also announced their entry into the League, the arrival of Pandit will be a slightly different experience for the team owners as it will spark the wave of preferring “Desis” to foreigners.

There was wide-ranging addiction to appointing foreign coaches in IPL. In the previous season, 8 out of 10 teams hired foreign coaches. However, there is a visible decrease in the demand for foreign coaches as it is no more in the favour of the team to hire foreign coaches. They charge hefty amounts without any proper commitment and always have a bunch of staff to support them. In this condition, very little space is left for the natives.

Foreign coaches barely give any response to the team once they have returned home from the season. Let alone players and management, even the team owner is not able to get a reply from him. Moreover, their family expenses are also the responsibility of the franchise. In some exceptions, it is nightmare for a team to meet all the expenses. Apart from these, fulfilment of abrupt demands by coaches at any cost has also become one of the unacceptable compulsions of the team owner.

Chandrakant Pandit exposure

Chandrakant is known to be one of the coaches who possess all abilities of a foreign coach. Firstly, he is an expert communicator. Secondly, his coaching style is based on 3 targets – preparing the player for exceptional performance and setting high standards of discipline in a player. He even directs the players to keep their bags. Such restrictions might be unacceptable as there is a bunch of foreign players who don’t feel comfortable with this type of accountability. Yet, it is a highly testing time for Pandit and Kolkata Night Riders.

This is going to be the turning point for IPL team owners as it is highly possible for them to appoint local coaches instead of foreign coaches who are no more in the favor of franchise.

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