Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja signed to increase in retiring players’ pensions

Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja

In a video message on Thursday, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja finally announced an outstanding increase in pensions for cricketers who have been retired from international cricket.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has announced an increase in retiring players’ pensions.

Chairman Ramirez Raja has announced a one lakh rupee rise in pensions for all past players, according to a PCB announcement.

The Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja claims that the former cricketers’ honour is the PCB’s honour.

According to the PCB, the first-class pension of retiring players has been hiked from Rs. 54,000 to Rs. 154000.

Similarly, the pension for retired third-category players has doubled from 42,000 to one lakh 42 thousand rupees.

According to Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja, a retired cricketer might earn his pension if he dies.

He further stated that if the retired cricketer died, his widow would be entitled to his pension.

Pensions for retired athletes would be increased annually in line with inflation, he added.

PCB already has a charitable fund for the welfare of former players, according to Ramiz Raja. This fund is also available to retired cricket. Sometime before the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB), Governing Board expanded the umbrella for former Test cricketers on Thursday, including all Test players in the pension programme once they reach the age of 60.

Previously, the scheme was only open to Test cricketers who had retired before 1978. Individual Test cricketers who retired after 1978 were paid a stipend after obtaining special clearance from the relevant authorities.

However, as a result of the meeting’s decision on Thursday, all Test players would receive this benefit automatically whenever they reach the age of superannuation.

Furthermore, the Governing Board decided to enhance the monthly stipend amount without defining the amount. Currently, the PCB pays each qualified Test Rs20,000 per month.

On the other hand round about one year ago PCB has banned and stopped the former cricketer Sarfaraz Nawaz for misbehaving and not obliging to the rules of the board’s “player welfare policy”, but the Former bowler has also fined the petition in the court for stopping his pension and he demands to restore his pension and arrears. One of the board members has also revealed that Sarfaraz Nawaz has been constantly violating and insulating the PCB board which is against the board’s laws and regulations.

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