Riche Berrington named as the new captain of Scotland Cricket Team

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After the long-serving captain of the National Cricket Team of Scotland, Kyle Coetzer has decided to step down. At the other hand, Richie Berrington is all set to lead the Scottish team from now on. As he has been named the new captain of the Scottish cricket team.

Tri-Series is looming over the head as Scotland is to tie horns with the two international cricket sides Namibia and Nepal. Both Kyle and Richie have been chosen to be a part of the squad for the Tri-Series. The series will be played next month.

The decision of making the 35-year-old Richie Berrington the new captain of the team was taken into consideration by significant figures. These also include Tobey Baily who is the Scotland Cricket team’s interim head of performance. The decision has also been supported by a team of coaches. After that, it was made final with the consultation of the senior cricketers.

Richie replaced Coetzer

Shane Burger the head coach of the team says he had no doubt about him being the next leader of the Scottish national cricket team. Burger also thinks he is the right person for this job. He also said that in Richie we have a leader everyone can be proud of.

It is said that Richie Berrington has always been a worthy candidate for the job of leading the Scottish team after Coetzer. His state as a player proves he is a perfect fit to replace the stepping-down captain Coetzer. Richie has scored 2495 runs in just 92 One Day Internationals (ODI). Scoring these many runs made him the second-most leading runs scorer for the Scotland Cricket. He is just behind his previous captain Kyle Coetzer. Kyle is at the top of the list with the most runs for the national side.

In T20 Internationals has had the best of Kyle as Richie leads the all-time charts as he has scored 1694 runs in 74 T20 Internationals which is the most runs by a player in T20I for Scotland.

Richie Berrington said he feels incredibly honored and privileged to lead the team and represent his country.

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