Asia Cup 2022 moved to UAE while rights were kept to SLC

Asia Cup 2022

Shahzada TV | Sports Desk | Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has confirmed sifting Asia Cup 2022 to UAE while keeping rights to Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Board as an official host of the mega cricket tournament in Asia. The event will kick off on 27 August and will be ended on 11 Septer 2022.

The decision has been taken after considering the rampant political and economic crises that Sri Lanka has been facing at the time. The stakeholders were concerned about the situation and forced ACC to make an appropriate decision. The tournament will be staged in Dubai and the very famous Sharjah stadiums between 27 August to 11 September 2022.

ACC has just confirmed the change of the venues. Jay Shah, ACC President, said that the body really wishes that cricket must be played in Sri Lanka, but, an unfriendly environment in the country amid political and economic crises has left no other option than to shift the tournament venues.

Why Asia Cup 2022 is an important event

Asia Cup 2022 has immense importance for the Asian team to get in and perform for the winning titles. More importantly, the tournament has been scheduled just before the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 which has further weighted the significance of the tournament.

Asian cricketing countries including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are having an eye on the super-mega tournament just after this competitive mega event. This will also be a moment for the team to test the depth of their strength in challenging as well as pressure situations. Teams along with players have a matchless craze and are waiting anxiously to witness and enjoy the best moments.

Asia Cup duration and teams

Asia Cup is a competitive cricket tournament that is played between competitive cricketing countries of Asia including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and UAE. With the passage of time, more Asian countries are now getting into confirming their places in the tournament. These are also known as associate cricketing countries which include Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, and even China.

The tournament is played after every 2 years. Though, the last time it was played was in 2018 while the format was also changed from ODIs to T20s. It has to be conducted in 2020, but due to Noval Coronavirus, it was postponed.

This year, there will 6 countries as participants in the Asia Cup 2022. Five of them have already qualified and they are Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. The one country will join them after playing qualifiers round that be played between associate cricketing countries including UAE, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

To wrap-up

Sri Lanka is a cricket-loving nation, ACC would have loved conducting the Asia Cup 2022 on grounds like Galle. But, the economic and political recent crisis in the country has forced ACC to take out of a box decision. This led to a shift of the tournament from an Island to a Gulf country. Though, two of the big cricketing countries have made their successful tour to Island. Among them Australia which has successfully completed and Pakistan which is currently in Galle playing their second test match against the host which has been witnessed played peacefully all around. Yet, it is challenging for a country driven by political crises to host 9 countries in a short period of time. Thus, shifting the venues may benefit cricket in the end.

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